Craps rules: Simply explained, try online

Craps rules

What kind of a funny game is Craps? How does it work, what variations does it have and can you play craps online? What is the best winning strategy for this dice game in the casino and what insider tricks can we tell you? We’ll explain everything you need to know.

Origin and history of Craps

Craps is a relatively complex, almost monstrous dice game. However, it’s actually quite simple when you get down to the basics. It is often referred to as “Seven Eleven” in Europe. In fact, Craps is a simplification of the perhaps better known game of Hazard.

The name is derived from the English word “crab” for the crab. The throw of a double one was named after this cute animal. While the precursor Hazard has English roots, Craps comes from the USA. There it is partly played on the street. In our country it is more of a table game for connoisseurs.

Street Craps vs Casino Craps

Casino Craps

In general, there are two different versions of this dice game: First, there is Street Craps. Here you play against each other, i.e. against other players.

The second version is Casino/Bank Craps. As the name suggests, you play against the bank or the dealer. Casino Craps is also the most popular version and the only one that can be played in online casinos.

Craps in casinos

The gaming table is quite long and offers no chairs, since you play standing up. However, this dice game is offered in German-speaking countries only in Austria. Abroad, you can play craps with real dealers, for example in Las Vegas, in Atlantic City and Macau.


In summary, we can state that it is quite exciting to be able to play craps in an online casino. This possibility has only been available in German-speaking countries for a short time.

A game for professionals, a game for newcomers

game for professionals

In the USA, almost everyone knows how to play craps. If you are new to the game, the abundance of possible bets can seem a bit complicated. In order to know all the variations and bets well, including odds and payouts, you need to have some experience.

However, if you start with simple bets like pass/don’t pass, then it is an easy game to follow even as a beginner.

The best craps online casinos

If you want to play craps online: the best online casinos for this fascinating dice game – suitable for beginners as well as experts – you can find in the list at the top of this article.

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