Sports betting: Are betting winnings tax-free?

Germans bet a staggering 9.3 billion euros on sporting events in 2019. This means that betting stakes have more than doubled within five years, according to Statista. Commercial sports betting providers such as Bwin, Bet365, tipico, Interwetten and Admiralbet are the main beneficiaries of this trend. The state sports betting Oddset has a significantly smaller market share and the conclusion of Oddset bets is currently also only possible in 9 of 16 federal states.

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The surefire soccer bet

With one hundred percent certainty, only the betting provider wins on a sports bet. A Berlin mathematician knows an option that promises surefire profits as long as only a few people know about it.

Actually I should not write about it. I should keep to myself that I was at the Technical University in Berlin and met a mathematician there who promised me what is actually impossible: a bet in which you cannot lose, but only win.

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How much does your playing style affect a slot strategy?

We have already explained in the paragraph dedicated to online slot strategies how important it is to know the characteristics of a video slot to understand how well it fits our style of play. But how to fully understand the latter if we belong to that category of players who approach each title with the same attitude or change tactics from time to time depending on the mood?

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Slot machine operation and strategy

Knowing your style of play and the characteristics of the slots helps to smooth out mistakes and increase your win rates in a game that still depends largely on luck. However, when we have identified the right machine for us we will also have to make sure of how it works in detail, given that there are different types.

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