How much does your playing style affect a slot strategy?


We have already explained in the paragraph dedicated to online slot strategies how important it is to know the characteristics of a video slot to understand how well it fits our style of play. But how to fully understand the latter if we belong to that category of players who approach each title with the same attitude or change tactics from time to time depending on the mood?

Answering a few questions will allow us to understand what our preferred play style is and consequently will help us find the best video slot for us.

Are you patient?

Are you patient

What kind of player are you? Do you feel frustrated when a series of losing spins occur? Or do you think it’s part of the game? Answering this type of question allows you to calibrate the volatility category in which to look for the most suitable slot, since those with high volatility offer much less frequent payouts than those where this characteristic is low.

How much do you want to spend?

Some players prefer to fire their “cartridges” in a few high-value spins, hoping that one of these unlocks substantial winnings or even bonuses. A strategy like any other, considering that the random number generator can give away these combinations at any time. Alternatively, there are those who prefer to build their winnings spin after spin, perhaps going to increase or decrease its value depending on how the game evolves.

How long do you want a game session to last?

game session

Many players prefer to play a slot for a long time, believing that the more time they spend watching the reels, the more likely they are to activate a winning feature or bonus game with its rich prizes. Of course this can only be done if the budget is particularly substantial or if the player is particularly lucky, however the duration of an “ideal” game session will help you to better understand your style.

By mixing patience, spending budget and the desire to spend time spinning, you will understand better what your favorite style of play is and therefore you will be more easily able to find the most suitable video slot for you. For example, you might want to bet very high on a machine with low but frequent payouts, or try to hit a high variance machine. That will depend solely and exclusively on you, but knowing yourself is once again essential.

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